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I have always been drawn to documentary photography, but up to this point, it has remained a method I have used in my personal artwork. As I reflected upon tragic events of the past year and pieced together what drives my own desire and what is most important to me, I realized that I don’t just “have a thing for nostalgia” as I had always joked. Savoring the “little” moments that usually go unnoticed are paramount in my life. They truly mean the world to me. These quiet (and sometimes loud) moments are what make up our everyday lives. They are the meat and potatoes to LIFE. They deserve to be documented authentically and preserved for generations to come.

I have always loved flipping through old photographs. I enjoyed seeing the portraits, but I was most drawn to the candid images – the natural moments.

A baby playing with pots and pans in the kitchen.
A dog sleeping lazily on the couch.
A hot and sweaty summer day with Slip-n-Slides and sopping wet towels.
Laughter. Pure emotion.

THIS is what life is all about. This is what pulls at my heart strings.



My sons are four and two years old now and I just want to grab time in my hands and freeze it. It moves too quickly as it is. It isn’t fair. I look at my boys and think to myself, “what do I want to remember most about these days?”

The answer was easy: EVERYTHING.

A beautiful wall portrait is lovely, and I enjoy them, but what I want, what makes my soul sing are images like this:

Day in the life, family documentary photography, photojournalism, storytelling through photos, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Kasey Wallace Photography -


I want to remember this and I want you to remember it, too. My ultimate goal is for you to have these life moments documented and I want you to be in them, too. It isn’t just about the kids – it’s about all of you.

This year is full of change for many, myself included. I am proud to offer Full Day in the Life documentary sessions. I am dedicated to you and your family routine, documenting each moment along the way. I will be with you from the time the kids wake up until bedtime and for all the passing seconds in between. You will be presented with a beautiful 10×10 – 20pg photo book narrating the story of your day. We will design your book together at your private ordering session.

In addition to DITL sessions, I am excited to announce the Seasons of Our Life sessions. These are four 4-hour documentary sessions taking place in the spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons, and are aimed to represent a Year in the Life. After our final session of the year, I will unveil a full slideshow to music during your ordering session, along with your complete gallery. You will also receive a stunning 12×12 – 40pg Original Fine Art Album narrating the story of a year in your life.


Day in the life documentary sessions, family documentary photography, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Kasey Wallace Photography

I am so very excited to begin this journey with you. Rejoicing in the little moments is what life is all about. It is an honor to experience that with you.



In honor of the new year and new beginnings, I will be holding a Model Call for Day in the Life documentary sessions. Two families will be selected. To be considered for selection, please fill out this survey HERE. Submissions will be accepted now through January 31, 2017 at 11:59PM.

Ready to savor the little moments and schedule your DITL session? Click HERE for more details.



“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.”
– John Kabat-Zinn

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