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One of the fun parts of wedding planning is picking your flower arrangements and bouquets. This fun task can easily become overwhelming, so I’ve created a list of tips to help you along the way.

grouping of wedding flowers


Deciding how much you want to invest in flowers right away will help you stay on track with what flowers and styles will fit within your budget. A good starting point is to create a list ranking your expenses by priority. Venue, catering, photographer, florals, and attire are normally near the top of the list. Figure out what’s most important to you and allocate funds accordingly.


Along with your budget, create a list of needs. Figure out how many bouquets you want, the number of boutonnieres and corsages you need, table arrangements, florals for your arch, petals for the flower girl, and so on. Breaking it down piece by piece will help you see what’s needed more clearly.

grouping of wedding flowers


Figure out what flowers are in season and compare pricing. You’ll be able to save a bit if you select flowers that are in season and readily available. This article on BRIDES has a great directory of what flowers are available in each season.


Hiring a professional florist will be a big help to alleviate stress as they will handle everything. Book with them early to ensure you get the florist you want and they’re available to add your wedding to their schedule. Another route you can go is to DIY your flowers yourself. You can still do fresh flowers when DIYing your own or choose silk. Get your friends and family involved, some snacks and music, and make a fun day of it!

grouping of wedding flowers


Look everywhere for inspiration. Create a physical vision board and clip all out florals from different magazines or print them out. And of course, you can always turn to Pinterest and create a digital vision board. There is an endless supply of inspo photos and you’ll find everything under the sun. Creating a vision board (or Pinterest boards) is a good way to physically see what your florals will look like.


Use your venue and surroundings for inspiration. What colors are prominent at your venue? What colors are you using for your attire? Choose colors that compliment what you see and add accents that pop against one another.

grouping of wedding flowers


Consider the symbolism of different flowers. Are you going for a certain vibe or feeling or theme? Choose florals and greens that support your theme. This article is a good resource on the symbolism of flowers. Add personal touches and special mementos to your decor. This could be in the form of lace from your grandmother’s wedding gown to special pins in the flowers that remind you of someone. Anything that is meaningful to you will add a special degree of love and remembrance to your florals.


What is your vibe? What feeling are you going for? Romantic? Modern? Whimsy? Avant Garde? These are all things to consider when designing your wedding flowers. By carrying over your vibe to your florals, your design aesthetic will be cohesive and it will pull everything together.

grouping of wedding flowers


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I hope these tips help you on your wedding planning journey! Remember to have fun with it and enjoy the process!

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