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It’s hot today – the hottest day we’ve had so far this summer. I’m sitting at my patio set in the backyard while the boys nap. They are my heart, but I also know when I need to recharge my batteries – and that time is set aside for when they are sleeping. (Don’t ask me what I’ll do when they no longer nap!)

I have been thinking quite a bit about the concept of rediscovery and rejuvenation, whether it be in terms of self-care or creativity. I’m not in a position to sign up for regular Yoga classes at the moment, but I have set a schedule for myself to do my own mini Yoga sessions at home in the mornings, before I shower, and before bed. Having a bit of structure and a small goal in mind helps me stay focused. Plus, we all know how satisfying it is to cross off an item on our to-do list!

I decided I wanted to set some small, creative goals, too. I have embarked upon many photo challenges in the past, but I always fell short when it came to executing the photo-a-day aspect. I know I’m not the only one who has run into that problem, so I’ve decided to do a weekly photo walk challenge for myself and any friends/family/fans/photographers who want to join in!



I’m upping the ante a bit though. You see, I am a serious introvert. If I can do all the things at home, I will. A big reason I want to do this challenge is because I want (and need) to push myself. So, the only caveat to this challenge is that your weekly image comes from a photo walk – or any location that is outside your own property.

We will be posting our weekly photos on Sundays in my private VIP Group on Facebook. Below you will find the weekly themes for June – and since I’m starting this a bit late, we’ll only have 3 this time to finish out the month.





“But, Kasey, what if I’m not a professional photographer?”

No problem! Anyone can participate!


“What if I don’t have a big, fancy camera?”

You are free to use whatever type of photo-recording device you have, whether it is a big, fancy camera or your iPhone.


“What if I miss a week? Can I still participate?”

Omg, yes! You are free to come and go as you please. If you miss a week, no worries! Join in when you are able.


“Is it free? Is it a contest? Are the photos being judged?”

This is a free, friendly photo challenge. It’s not a contest and there is no judging of photos. The idea is to focus on your individual creativity, move outside your comfort zone, and push yourself a little bit. The bonus is that we get to watch each other grow as we share our photos. 





  • Once a month, I will post that month’s weekly photo walk themes with unique hashtags for each theme. (Be sure to check back each month!)
  • During the week, go on a photo adventure outside of your property and hunt for something you feel represents the theme of the week.
  • Post your photo in our group that Sunday with the corresponding hashtag. (You are free to post more than one photo, but it is not a requirement.)
  • If you are a blogger and want to blog your weekly progress, drop your post link into the comments section below! (You can link to your blog when you post on Sunday, too.)
  • Feel free to share this with whoever you think might be interested – everyone is welcome!





Week 2 {June 12th – 18th}:       Texture.    #kwphotoTEXTURE

Week 3 {June 19th – 25th}:       Water.    #kwphotoWATER

Week 4 {June 26th – July 1st}:  Symmetry.    #kwphotoSYMMETRY



I’m really excited for this. Are you ready? Join me in the weekly photo walk challenge! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!








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